… and the website finally works?

Okay, so, it has been a little over six months since I published Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh. In that time, I’ve managed to get some reviews (which have happily been overwhelmingly positive), but I have not had a properly functioning site. Well, now that that is hopefully resolved.

I have just completed coding the site for the third time. When I launched the site I used a code builder that was built in to my hosting only to find out that its rss feed was terrible and by and large unreadable. A few months later I carved out the time to completely replicate the site on Word Press only to have the entire new site crash upon converting the existing URL to the new site. Somehow this process wound up deleting the recoded site, leaving me with the crap site with which I began.

Now, a couple months later, I’ve finely carved out the time to recode the site once more, this time successfully swapping out the old site for the new on the preferred domain.

So, for all that work, what do I have to show?

Almost no writing on my actual fiction, and a site that looks nearly identical to my old site, just with a better functioning backend that is more universally accepted, thus allowing for a unified online presence.

And it’s times like these that I really wish I wasn’t a one-man team. I really just want to write books and get them to you, my readers. That said, until they start selling, I guess I’ll be writing, editing, formatting, cover-designing, publishing, marketing, and doing the coding.

I’m exhausted.

Anyway, now that I hopefully have the bugs worked out, I should be resuming work on my short story anthologies, and seeking out some reputable competitions and reviewers to help continue spreading the word on Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh. That’s all for now.  This has been a completely uncalled for update that I am posting for almost no apparent reason – other than to make sure that my universal online presence via improved rss functionality is in fact working.

Here’s crossing my fingers and hoping for some good luck.