Upcoming: Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh

A blank version of Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh's cover. No text. A skull in negative half on the left side of the image, half on the right with a white to gray gradient in between. A thumb emerges from the negative space of teh skull's eye socket tapping on a screen of a phone implied also in negative space. The phone screen shows macabre images in dark red.

Coming Soon…

On August 17th, my first novella, Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh, releases through Amazon Kindle Direct. This is not only my first novella, but my first published work. Honestly, it’s a wonderful feeling to have polished off the final draft, wrapped up the manuscript, and let the work out into the world. I began the novella in 2010, but true to my usual bad writing habits, have finished it numerous times only to pick it back up, polish some more, rewrite, and then still hesitate to send it out to a reading audience. Now, ten years later, I’m proud of the final product and it’s time to roll the dice.

So, here we go. You can read the synopsis below:

Mr. Nelson Pugh suffers from crippling anxiety, which is only exacerbated when he travels. So when on his latest business trip he receives an unusual series of calls from his wife, Eleanor, his anxiety gets the best of him. At first, giving in to his own self-doubt, he attempts to cast aside his growing fears as another episode of paranoid delusion. As the calls continue, however, Nelson can no longer be sure.

Is he suffering from a panic attack or is his family in terrible danger? And if the danger is real, will anyone believe him when he can barely trust himself?

Hundreds of miles away and with no hope of reaching his family, Mr. Nelson Pugh must uncover the truth before the mystery reveals itself with potentially horrific consequences.

Interested in a copy? Preorder the ebook here: https://shorturl.at/IUY13

Print edition, coming soon.