I thought about giving this some fancy name. Something that shows I’m all writerly and you should follow me, because aren’t I clever. Then I went with my usual gut instinct: let’s be practical. People know what a blog is. You get the drill.

So, yeah. This is where I write stuff. Stuff that isn’t fiction. Stuff possibly about my fiction. Possibly about other stuff. You can read it. You can follow it. You can ignore it. Whatever you choose, this is where you find the stuff.

I think I might have a ways to go on this marketing thing. Meh.

Photo of Christopher Opyr withone eyebrow raised, sitting in front of a bookshelf backdrop.

Six Months In…

… and the website finally works? Okay, so, it has been a little over six months since I published Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh. In that

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The front and back cover of Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh. Negative skull half on the back cover, half on the front, with a negative space thumb emerging from the skull's eye holding a phone with a macabre image in red on the screen. Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh in big red letters darkened over the front cover image. Christopoher Opyr at the bottom of the front cover. The synopsis on the back cover.

Launch Day

Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh available now; author suffers crippling anxiety Much like my narrator in Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh, the eponymous Mr. Nelson Pugh, I

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Image of Christopher Opyr with wavy brown hair, peeking over the top of a print proof of Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh.

Print Proofs!

It’s Here… The print proof has arrived. Other than two minor spacing concerns on the cover (being corrected before the final printing), I am extremely

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